Kids Art Organization idea: Butterfly Art Display

Kids Art Display Idea

My children are art fanatics.  They have the artistic ability from the Hubs and also inherited my addiction to crafts.  That being said, kids art organization is something that I always think about.  I’ve written about how we organize and hide most of their art supplies. Not all of their art gets shoved into space […]

Simple faith

fertility, miscarriage, pregnancy loss

We are coming up on the first anniversary of my miscarriage. Though I know I am emotionally stronger now, I do have “down” days. I worry that I am getting too old to have more children, that the days of fertility have passed. I am turning 37 really soon. No spring chicken here–just me and […]

Things I Wasn’t Prepared To Explain To My Children…

Parenting Surprises: Things I wasn't prepared to explain to my children.

This parenting gig is filled with unexpected surprises.  I had all sorts of ideas on how I would “parent” and nurture my children “correctly” before I had kids.  Things are quite a bit different now.  Sometimes I get a distinct feeling that God is relaxing with a bucket of popcorn cracking up at all the […]

4 Motivational Quotes about Dreams from Walt Disney

quotes about dreams from Disney

I love Disney for so many reasons but Walt Disney’s belief in chasing one’s dreams is perhaps the number one reason I am so enamored with everything he has built.  He spent his life chasing his dreams, bringing them to life for others, and championing the importance of dreaming big. These four motivational quotes about dreams […]

5 cheap kindle books filled with jokes for kids

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This post contains affiliate links. Do you have children who love to tell knock knock jokes?  Mine do.  They never can remember the exact words so end up saying something nonsensical and end up laughing uproariously anyway. Oh, you don’t believe?  Well here is one of their favorite and often told jokes Knock knock who’s […]

On “Shame suits” and consequences

consequences, shame suit, clay county dress code violator

This isn’t my normal type of post but I have something on my mind.  This weekend a local story of a teen that was punished for breaking her high school’s dress code made national news.  I saw the story pop up on my newsfeed from regular news outlet, as well as buzzfeed and uproxx to […]