The Horrible Housewife: DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes

reusable cleaning wipes, cleaning wipes, diy wipes, homemade reusable clorox wipes, homemade cleaning wipes

After organizing and cleaning out our linen closet, I ended up with a few towels that weren’t fit for donation.  Most of them I threw away, but a few I cut up into small six inch squares and stuffed into a recycled Clorox Wipes container. I figured these can help with quick and tough clean […]

Easy Halloween Snacks: Pumpkin Pops!


If you are having a Halloween Party these pumpkin pops are the perfect snack to go along with your easy Halloween kids crafts!  We are having so much fun with this holiday.  The kids are so excited about going trick or treating and getting even more candy (which I normally hide when they go to bed […]

Easy Popsicle Recipe: Mandarin Orange Spritzer

Mandarin Orange Easy Popsicle Recipes

This time of year is when we really “use” our easy popsicle recipes.  I use these popsicles to numb my kid’s tongues before they take medicines and to chase the nasty medicine taste away after they have taken it.  My daughter’s Juvenile Arthritis flares more during the fall and winter months.  She tends to take […]

The horrible housewife: Supplies and basic duties

Horrible Housewife Basic Fall Cleaning Supplies

Yes, I am going into this fall organization and fall cleaning project as a “horrible housewife.”  But I did want to clear up a few things I do have a clutter problem and I hate to organize. However, I don’t actually hate “cleaning” and I am not such a horrible housewife that my house is […]

DIY Halloween window clings: Bats

Bat window clings

I have another easy Halloween kids craft for you guys. It’s a variation of my DIY Glow in the Dark Window Clings and is such a fun and cheap craft to do with the kids. I am so happy my friend Echo inspired me with her wax paper painting craft! All you need is: Wax paper […]

Today’s “Housewife”: Spotlight on Inspired Apparel Owner and SAHM, Kory Cobb

Spotlight on Todays Housewife

Have you read the first post in my new series, “The horrible housewife?”  Well, lately I have been thinking a lot about the term “housewife.”  I’ve only been a stay at home mom for ten months but some may think that almost a year is more than enough to get into a workable “housekeeping” routine. […]

So many Halloween Crafts and so little time

Halloween Craft Roundup

Halloween is approaching so fast!  We’ve had some fun with Halloween themed crafts this year and have a few more easy Halloween kids crafts and activities planned.  It’s amazing how my kids never get tired of arts and crafts.  I hope they continue to enjoy it and take pride in their creations. I feel the excitement […]