Is your family ready for Hurricane Season?

Most people that live in North Florida haven’t been through a hurricane landfall.  Though storms that cross the state from the gulf do affect us and we get “outer bands” of storms that hit further north, most North Floridians don’t really know what living through the aftermath of a major hurricane is ...Read More

Peaches and Riesling Popsicle for Mommy

I haven’t done a popsicle recipe in a while and I will tell you why.  A little over a week ago, we took a day trip to Saint Augustine, Florida with only two goals;  to let the kids play all day at the two playgrounds and to visit a popsicle shop that ...Read More

The Back to School Tech Sweepstakes!

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw my shock at the 36 glue sticks I had to buy for my kindergartner and first grader.  Unlike many schools in the area, our school sent the school supply lists for this August home on the last day of school last year.  (If ...Read More

Interview tips for SAHMs: Strengths and weaknesses

I was a hiring manager for over ten years. What determined whether or not I would hire someone, specifically a SAHM looking to reenter the workforce, into our entry level position? For the most part the same disqualifiers would apply to everyone, moms included. Inappropriate attire Lackadaisical attitude Failure to engage with ...Read More

Make Your Own Princess Hair Tie Holder

I am still in the middle of my decluttering project but I had to share this next craft with you guys.  Pea has long, luxurious, snarly hair so I always put it up.  If you have a little girl with long hair or long hair yourself you probably have the same problem ...Read More

3 ways I am paying myself to get rid of my extra stuff!

I have a confession to make.  I had grand intentions of becoming less hoardy last winter.  I decluttered the house and cleaned.  I wrote organization posts.  (Like this one and this one).  I had to have the clutter gone before the semester started. We had some success.  We still use the Kids ...Read More

3 Benefits of Committing to a Big Race

I foolishly agreed to run a huge race next spring.  I think I may have lost my mind.  What’s worse is that when I agreed to do it, I thought it was only a 9k.  And then I found out the Gate River Run is actually a 15k.  Needless to say, it’s ...Read More

5 useful baby items I still use for my School-Agers

The day I no longer had to lift the baby in the carseat while also grabbing a 20 lb diaper bag and a 30 pound squirmy toddler  was a joyous day.  Gone are the days when a trip to Grandpa’s house meant I had to pack changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, diaper ...Read More

Respecting the American Flag

As a military wife and daughter, I’ve been raised to be a proud citizen of the United States.  I was born on Clark AFB, grew up on military bases and married a man that grew up on military bases–but our kids are not. My husband finished his tour as a submariner before ...Read More

Fun in the Sun $500 Cash Giveaway!

Summer is heating up! We’ve spent a few days soaking up the sun and hanging outside and we would like to thank all of you for taking the time to hang with us. The scrugglets and I would like to thank you with a chance to win a bit of cool cash ...Read More